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17/09/2017     READ

Six million steps with Grant Christie

Superman, who can change the course of mighty rivers, bend steel in his bare hands, and who, disguised as Grant Christie, a mild-mannered explorer from Dullstroom, recently completed an epic hiking trail called “The Coast of South Africa.”... (Article)

Stray Along the Way

14/07/2014     READ

Six Million Steps along the South African coastline triumphantly completed

It took 250 days to cover 3,514 km, and just over five million steps. Adventurer, conservationist and traveller Grant Christie has completed his epic solo journey along the South African coastline... (News)

The Scenic South


09/11/2014     LISTEN

Walking the Coast of South Africa with Grant Christie

Paul Schmid interviews Grant Christie about his Six Million Steps expedition. An in depth look at what it takes to walk 3 500 km alone... (Podcast)

The Pursuit Zone


11/07/2014     READ


Grant Christie has completed his 3 514 km coastal journey from Alexander Bay to Kosi Bay.Grant undertook this solo hike, dubbed Six Million Steps, to raise awareness on coastal conservation... (News)

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