Grant Christie

Explorer. Conservationist. Guide. Mentor. Speaker.

Public Speaking

I was once told: do not write because you want to say something, write because you have something to say. I believe the same holds true for speaking.

The hardships and joys of traveling the entire coastline of South Africa alone and on foot expanded my perspectives enormously. I learned lessons and gained insights I believe to be of great potential to anyone with a seeking mind.

Drawing from experiences as varied as coaching 9 year old's and playing provincial level sports to years of corporate engineering and business management experience, I am able to tailor these insights to an array of audiences, from school groups to sports teams to top-level corporate management.

Subjects I enjoy engaging in include: passion and purpose; pursuing dreams; breaking the mould; perceptions of personal limits; the human spirit; giving and receiving; celebrating beginnings (not just completions); the value of true support and many more…

So whether you have a small workshop or a large hall of listeners, and if you are looking for depth and insight beyond the traditional surface level motivational talk, please contact for more information on booking a speaking engagement.